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  • Editor(s):
  • Charles Capper, Boston University, USA
    Anthony J. LaVopa, North Carolina State University, USA
    Nicholas T. Phillipson, Edinburgh University, UK
  • Editorial Board Details.
This important journal serves as a focal point and forum for scholarship on intellectual and cultural history from the mid-seventeenth century to the present, with primary attention to Europe and the Americas and to transnational developments that encompass the non-West. MIH enquires into this era's intellectual discourses and texts, their contextual origins and reception, and the recovery of their historical meanings. The journal encompasses various forms of intellectual and cultural history, including political thought and culture, philosophy, religion, literature and literary criticism, social sciences, natural sciences, visual arts and aesthetic theory, communications, law, economic thought, social and cultural theory, psychology, anthropology, music and the history of the book.
ISSN: 1479-2443
EISSN: 1479-245

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